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Tracy / February 9, 2015

Remember the “use what you have” theme we started this year?

We have an abundance of yarn we’ve been trying to use for various projects.

The first was a scarf for me. I’ve needed one for years but just never wanted to spend the money to buy one so I got to work and ended up with this:

I’m so happy with the result. It’s been warm and looks great with the new-to-me leather jacket I found during last month’s thrift store visit!

I did have to buy more yarn for this project:

It’s an afghan for Courtney’s hope chest. It’s VERY warm and it’s going to be beautiful. Ooohhhh….I’m thrilled to see it getting done!

This one IS from our yarn stash:

I’ve made hundreds of granny squares. I’m crocheting a gray border on each one and stitching them together. I have enough to make our family an afghan and one for each of my older children for their hope chests.

It always seems like the more I get done the more I see that needs to be done or that I just want to do! Does this happen to anyone else??
Have you been working on projects for your home??

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