Freezer Cooking

Tracy / February 21, 2014

Well, not exactly.

I saw this idea on another blog a while back and knew I wanted to try it for our home.

Mama used to bring the children Go-Gurts when she would come for a visit.

We kept them frozen. They thought of them more like popsicles.

This week, as we’re stocking the freezer with meals and snacks for after the baby is born, I spent some time this afternoon making a homemade (sort-of), version for the freezer.

We purchased large tubs of pre-made yogurt and filled snack-size freezer bags. When they are frozen, they’ll be a much less-messy way to eat yogurt (but without the cost of Go-Gurts). Tonight, they are all stacked in the freezer waiting for snack time!

The children were thrilled!

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