Joshua’s Courtship

Tracy / February 18, 2014

Joshua’s Courtship

Life continues to move at the speed of light.

Sometimes, I just want to yell “stop”. I squirm under where the Lord leads…struggling with the path He has given. (I do believe the Lord is teaching me to “count it all joy”, even in these areas.)

Other times, I find myself rejoicing at how He works in the most wondrous, unexpected ways! This is one of those times!!!

A year or more ago, my oldest son and I spoke at length about this young woman.

We’ve known her, and her family, now for six years.

I would say they are good friends, but like most all of our church family, they are much more like family.

Our children play and share life.

They have been here through good times, and through the worst of times.

In short, we love them.

When Joshua and I first spoke about his leading toward her, I asked if he was sure. He told me he wanted to take some time to pray and consider before he proceeded.

I have since found out, he spoke with Courtney about her when he first arrived back from California, about three years ago.

He has patiently waited and prayed. He’s prepared for this time…about three months ago (maybe four now?), he came to Paul and I and shared that he was ready to speak with her father.

**Let me say here, I’m SO TERRIBLY THANKFUL I am not a man. I can’t imagine how hard it is to go to a young woman’s father to discuss these things.

Paul did ask Joshua what he would do if she wasn’t interested in him. He was resolved he was going just where the Lord intended. With that, he left to go speak with her father.

Since that time, there have been many more details, and much time spent in fellowship.

Sunday, her father announced the courtship to our church and I’m announcing it to all my blogging friends!

We’ll see where the coming days and weeks lead.

Please be praying over both young folks and our families.

It’s an amazing thing to see God at work!

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