Tracy / February 12, 2014

First, to the Dixon family…

I’m SO sorry for buying this for your little one’s birthday. I had NO idea the butterflies themselves would be an additional expense. That was disappointing.

I had also ordered one for Benjamin for Christmas. He received his caterpillars in the mail a few weeks back. I had no idea they would arrive so quickly, but surprise!

I think I was assuming this process would take more time…as it was, they turned into butterflies in just about a month.

The children were thrilled watching each stage of their development. The morning they began to break free from their cocoons, there was excitement in the air. Soon, we had five beautiful butterflies fluttering around in their habitat. Of course, that was until someone left it unzipped and they were fluttering through our home. We managed to find all of them.

Paul had to go and buy them flowers. 😀

So, the day came to set them free.

Ben was thrilled, can you tell?

I was nervous about releasing them in the winter time, but I knew they wouldn’t live in our home for long and everything I was reading said they would be ok outside during this season of the year.

Ben had them climb out onto his finger. He carefully placed each one on a rock and waited for them to fly away.

This was a great experience for our family! We’ve watched God’s creation come to life in an amazing new way.

I’m always thankful for these experiences with my children.

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