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Tracy / February 12, 2014

I am constantly buying batteries.

I don’t think we actually even use them much unless the power is out– somehow, every single time we need them, they are in short supply. We’ll find them later. It’s been very frustrating!

This is an idea I first saw on Pinterest.

I knew it would work great for our family…my issue has been finding this Plano box. (I LOVE the Plano boxes…I’ll share some other uses for them in another post!!)

One of our local Walmart stores had it!! (I had already looked at the local sporting goods places and a few other Walmart locations.)

As you can see, it is just large enough to hold each size battery we use (I do still need to add 9V batteries to the stash).

It is clear which makes it easy to identify on a shelf.

It’s flat so it stores easily.

It is completely customizable…the little plastic dividers move easily for us to change up the placement of each compartment as we need to add or remove batteries from the box.

It came with additional dividers I’m not using, at the moment. I tucked them down into the side of the box so they would be easily found if I needed them.

I loved the idea of labeling each section for which size battery would go in that spot…maybe it will be more likely to stay organized!!

…it’s staying in a locked closet so they will be out of reach of little hands that think they always need new batteries!

Wouldn’t you know, LOWE’s just happened to have a great rebate deal on Duracell batteries this week. We’re expecting potentially bad weather today. The power has already been flickering, but we’re prepared!

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  1. We have a few of these and I really like them too! One of them holds my essential oils. I’ve decided jewelry boxes are over-rated – this fits my needs much better! (I’ll try to email you a pic.) I loves totes in general! I feel so organized when everything is in its place and labeled! We have our batteries in a tote too 🙂

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