Additional Photos….

Joshua came to the hospital, to wait with me, while my mama had surgery last week….

He brought his computer and worked while he was there. I was so glad to have him. He reminds me so much of Paul sometimes.

The view from the surgery waiting room is really beautiful. On this day, high up in this tree, were a bunch (I think 10 or so), pink balloons. They were so sweet waving in the breeze.

Mama seemed “cool as a cucumber” when we went for chemo. This is the cubicle where she sat during the 5 or 6 hours we were there. Though they wouldn’t let me stay with her, I could walk back and visit as much as I liked.
She seemed good the entire time.

This room is lined with little areas just like this. Many of the patients slept, but they also offer a tv and dvd player for each one. It seemed like they did a good job trying to make everyone comfortable.

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