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It’s pathetic to pay full price for a tube of toothpaste. At least, this is what I think for my family.

I’ll admit, I had fallen off the couponing bandwagon. There have been so many things happening in our home in recent months, it has just not been a priority.

I have continued to stock up on those things we can’t live without….just buying them on sale, here and there.

Last week, I pulled out my coupons. I threw out all that was old, and re-organized what I had left.

I looked over several of my favorite sites: Money Saving Mom, Southern Savers, etc., and made my list.

Courtney, Jacob and I have taken turns on these shopping trips.

Jessica re-arranged our pantry. We realized it’s just not big enough to store all of our toiletry items and food as we begin to stock-pile.
We moved some of our stash to the laundry room, and the guest bathroom closet.

A few of my favorite deals this week were $.50 hand soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss and ibuprofen (YES! Ibuprofen for $.50).

Baby soap was also a great deal at Target also being a little over $.50/bottle!

We also picked up a blouse for Courtney at a great price, (under $5).

There is something completely thrilling about stretching a budget with sales and coupons. I’ve often told Paul if I had known how to do this when we were first married, there would have been a lot less hot dogs and peanut butter and jelly in our home!

I can’t wait to see the deals for this week’s trip.

By the way, that Aqua Fresh coupon is still good. You can jump over to the Target website to print it for yourself. It’s a great buy for toothpaste!

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