Emma’s Birthday….

Tracy / October 14, 2011

I *love* birthdays! (Well,those that belong to the younger folks around here, anyway. *smile*)

Emma’s birthday always marks the “birthday season” in our home.

I’ve been working recently to make these days extra special. I’ve added some things to our celebrations and I still have a couple of things to put together, then I’ll share the projects with all of you!

So, here are the highlights-

Emma being measured on the wall:

Hugs from my birthday girl:

Emma with her new hoola-hoop:

Ben teaching her to hoola-hoop (which was unbelievable funny, I might add!):

Emma’s birthday card from Jessica:

Adding hand prints to the birthday tablecloth:

Birthday wreath (more about this later!):

Happy girl:

Emma’s new Bible:

Meredith and cupcakes:

My sweet birthday girl:

Emma with her new Madeline puzzle (sent from Josh in California!):

We always try to include some new technique or product when we bake. It’s a good way to continue trying to learn new cake decorating skills! This birthday, we were making cupcakes but we decided to try Color Mist spray.

I’ll admit, it has some kind of smell coming from the can, but it was easily applied, and didn’t change the taste of the cupcakes. I was rather pleased with the result. Thanks, Wilton! This is a product I’ll use again at some point.

Another year…I wonder what she’ll be like at age 7?

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